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We welcome Secure3’s audit contest as we continue inviting projects to deploy on zkSync 2.0. When we open our layer 2 to end users, we’re determined for it to be as secure as possible.
- Anton Astafiev, Matter Labs’ Head of Security
Simply saying, Secure3 Audit Contest found 300% more useful findings than the centralized firm that we found last time, with 10% cheaper price.
- Project Aki
Secure3 Audit Contest is able to meet the emergent deadline with high quality findings and affordable price. After we fixed all the issues and published it to the community, all of our communities love it!
- Gouda, team TENGOKU
Secure3 Intelligent Audit Contest helped us find a critical re-entrancy bug that was missed by our previous audit. Together we organized emergency on-chain fix, to save the money we already staked during the testing phase.
- Charles, Founder of Shield Protocol
Secure3’s competitive auditing model ensures involved auditors have an incentive to find the most severe issues, aligning their individual interests with those of the project. I think this is incredibly clever which is why we decided to partner with them.
- Jack Xu, CTO of EthSign

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Step 2. Contest
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Step 3: Evaluation
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Latest Activities of Secure3

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