Apply Your Talent to Contest

Earn Rewards and Learn Through Competition

Benefits of working with Secure3

Build Your Record
Earn What You Deserve
Flexible Hours
Contribute to Community
Improve through Competition
Career Growth
Build Open-Source Standard
Decentralized Security Consensus
Issue Submission
You win more money if you submit unique and critical bugs, and provide actionable fix suggestions.
We graded your performance and rank your total score on the track record.
Meet the Deadline
Each project has specific deadline. Submit issues on time to earn rewards.
More high-quality findings, more money earned.

Build the Community Security Consensus, Earn Money

Community gives people trust, not rubber stamp.
You build the community, and you should earn the money.

Peer review on security metrics
feedback on logistics and process
establish open security standard

How to Earn More Rewards

Find More Valid Bugs
Find More Severe Bugs
Find more unique bugs

Build Open Security Standard with Community

Peer-reviewed bug severity definition
Open and Standardized audit procedure
Transparent Reward Distribution